Natural Ways To Deal With Excess Sinus

Did you know that you could get more sinus from being in dusty areas, like people who run on dirt roads.


The Health Advisory

If you struggle with sinus build up, sinus infections or increased sinus production, you need to consult your medical practitioner. They will be able to determine whether you have an underlying medical condition that needs your attention. By solving the underlying medical condition, your sinus should clear up on its own. This post is not meant to diagnose or treat any conditions. Instead, it is meant provide you with natural ways to assist your body to eliminate excess sinus. See these remedies as assistance, NOT a replacement to sound medical advice.

Sinus Definitions

Let’s start off with differentiating between mucus, phlegm, sinus, sinuses, and sinusitis.


Medical News Today explains that mucus is created by the body to form a protective lining over certain parts of the body. This mucus lining is used to cover the parts of the body where air comes into contact with non-skin areas – even…

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