Health, Fitness, Food, And Pregnancy

Caffeinated Carly

Hi, all!! Yesterday marked week 34 in my pregnancy and it is getting harder each week. I am pretty uncomfortable at this point. I feel best on my side with my pregnancy pillow.

Overall, for being close to the end I’d say I am doing well! I am staying (mostly) healthy, continuing to workout, and doing my best at work. I am trying to embrace the short time left of just my husband and I. We are so ready for this new journey and already love this little one so much!

I hope my cats love our little as much as they love my belly haha!

As far as fitness goes, I have soley been working out at home the past couple of weeks. I have a little home gym and spend around 30 minutes each day (with a day or 2 off) to do some prenatal workouts.

I got…

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