Healthy Habits I Practice Everyday

The Happy Minimalist Girl

Hey there my lovelies! Today were talking about some healthy habits I practice on a daily basis. Being healthy is not only about what you eat and when you work out. It’s also about the lifestyle you live, and the things you surround yourself with. Here are some super simple things you can do to improve your over all health and care.

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Set Your Alarm 30 Mins Early

Digital LED Mirror Alarm Clock with FM Radio and Wireless BluetoothOne of my favorite things to do lately, is setting my alarm for 30 mins early. I feel like if I don’t set my alarm early then my morning is nothing but a rush, and it always starts out my day hectic. If I set my alarm early, I have time to actually enjoy my coffee, or take a slightly longer shower, and still have time to do my makeup the right way. I feel like…

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