Natural ways to detox your body

Did you know that your body has it’s own ways of detoxing itself? Today I want to look at how you can help your body eliminate toxins and impurities by maximizing what your body does naturally.

The water detox

Water plays a variety of important functions in the body. One of them is detoxification. By increasing water intake, you naturally and efficiently increase the rate at which your body can cleanse itself. And it costs almost nothing, too. Implementation is just as easy: Simply drink more water throughout the day until your urine turns clear. If you want a deeper detox, do it for a longer period of time after noticing clear urine.

Since I drink a lot of water during my gym sessions (And believe me, when I say a lot, I mean A LOT), I give my body the tool it needs to eliminate negative by-products quickly and supply muscle tissue with fresh nutrients.

I also do what I call a water cleanse. On one of my binge-watch-series days, I drink a full glass of water every 15 minutes for an hour or two. I end up pausing whatever show I’m watching to run to the bathroom quite often, but it gives me a good clean-out while ensuring that I don’t get too lazy.

Sweat detox

Sweating is another great natural detox method that involves water. Why sweat when you can detox by drinking water alone? Because unlike the water detox method above, sweating also releases fat-soluble toxins. Sweating can lighten the load of your liver and kidneys by up to 30%! That’s a lot of extra energy your liver can use for the other functions it needs to carry out.

Exercise is the best way to detox via sweating. Exercising on it’s own has a cleansing effect on the body, so you get double the benefit. For non-cardio weight lifters like me, a warm up and cool down cardio session before and after training that produces a light sweat will boost your performance and increase recovery while detoxing your body at the same time.

On active rest days, I enjoy a long session in the steam room for added tissue cleansing while speeding up muscle recovery. Remember to replace the water and electrolytes that you lose from sweat to make sure that it’s only the bad stuff that your body loses.


Your body gets rid of unwanted solids through poo. We’ve looked at great ways to eliminate unwanted water-soluble and fat-soluble toxins, but insoluble toxins need to be removed as well. This happens through your colon. If the foods you eat are exclusively nutrient dense, your digestive system won’t have enough bulk to remove unwanted materials and they can build up, eventually blocking the absorption of micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

To detox your colon, make sure that you eat enough fruit and vegetables regularly. These foods are high in fiber and give your colon the bulk it needs to eliminate unneeded materials. 5 Servings of fruit or veg every day is enough to keep your body squeaky clean.

By simply allowing your body to cleanse itself the way it was meant to, you can ensure that toxins can’t call your body their permanent residence.

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      1. Thank you, that will be super! You are most welcome to write a guest post for my blog if you feel as if you would like to. You are a good writer! Posting on your blog is good also, just please let me know so that I am sure to read it 😀

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  1. Helpful health tips!

    Other steps in de-toxings?

    Avoid doctor’s as much as possible; cutback and eliminate medications as much as you can; don’t take every shot recommended, especially flu shots. They contain toxic trace-metals to activate the shot.

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