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Exercise and Health is dedicated to providing its audience with the best content that inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking to grow your brand or reach out to my audience, you will be pleased to know that I have opened this site to guest posts and contributors.

From now on, I will be accepting posts from other writers who have something interesting to share with the rest of the world. Posts that are accepted will be shared with my WordPress followers, just like my regular content. For quality reasons, I will only be accepting content that follows our rules.

Guest posts that will be accepted by me

Posts need to abide by the following rules to be accepted by me:

1. Posts need to be relevant to the health, exercise, fitness, bodybuilding, wellness, nutrition, supplement or weight loss categories

Exercise and Health will not be publishing content that does not encourage its readers to live a healthier life. I don’t accept content outside of this sector. Emotional and mental health posts may be accepted.

2. Submitted content needs to be original

Do not submit content that you have already shared on our own site or that you have shared anywhere else online. I check for originality via Copyscape. I also trust that you won’t share the exact same content anywhere else. If you do share the exact same content anywhere else after it has been posted on this website, the content will be removed from my site and I will ban you from submitting posts to me in the future. You may write about the same topics that you usually do, but make sure that the individual post you submit to me is original and fresh.

To make it simple, write new content for me every time you want to submit a guest post, and don’t reuse that content if I accept the guest post.

3. Posts need to be informative

I understand you are submitting a guest post because you want to reach out to my readers. You might want to promote yourself, your social media channels, your website or blog, your business or your brand.

The post, however, needs to informative and educate my readers about how to live a better life. You can give yourself an intro or provide a link to your site within the post (more on that on the last point), but the article or post needs to be read-worthy – something that will positively add to my reader’s lives.

4. Topics must be covered well

Don’t expect the reader to understand what you are saying without explaining your points properly. We all come from different walks of life. Give your article a good intro to whet the reader’s appetite and then bring them on a journey that leads to them being empowered to live a healthier life. I don’t accept posts less than 700 words, because if it is shorter than that, you most probably haven’t explained your topic well enough to positively impact the reader. This word count can include your personal introduction or author’s by-line.

5. All media, if used, must be original

You don’t have to include any media like images or videos with your content for it to be accepted. You may do this if you want to. Just make sure that any media you would like me to include in your post is copyright free or has the correct attributions for me to use it. Attached media should be sent along with your guest post submission email – either within the Word Document, within the body of the email or as separate attachments.

6. Provide links to substantiate any health claims that you make

If you make any health claims that the reader might question, provide a link to a trusted and credible website or study to prove your point. Content that has links to reputable websites to strengthen its message is more credible. Links to other sites aren’t mandatory in every article, unless needed to substantiate a claim.

7. You may provide ways for my readers to connect with you

I understand that you are writing for Exercise and Health in order to grow your own brand. For this reason, you may write an introduction of yourself (in 1st or 3rd person – whatever works best for your article) or give yourself an author’s by-line. You may also provide links to your own website, email address or social media accounts in this section. If applicable, you may link to one of your individual posts with the body of the article if it relevant.

If you have something to share with our audience, email us at safricanspotters@gmail.com. Put the name WordPress in the email subject line so that I know that you are submitting content to this particular site. If not, your content might be shared with my main site, SA Spotters, instead. Guest posts must be attached via Microsoft Word document.

Once submitted, I will review your content and post it to my site and provide you with the link, suggest edits before posting it live or reject the post (and give you reasons why).

I am excited to hear from you and start opening this platform to other writers who can benefit from our readership. Have a great day!


      1. You didn’t get the point.

        I believe that if you really know what you’re talking about you can make an impact with well less than 300 words.

        I believe I always get my point across with pictures and 300 words or less.

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  1. I’m interested too, but not certain…
    If i were to write a piece for your site, would i be able to post it (or a re-worked version of it) subsequently at my own site? Would you be looking for, say, a 6-month delay between them?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Currently, it would take less than 2 business days if the post meets the requirements and is accepted 🙂 I get a lot of emails so I might take some time to get to your email. If I’m happy with the post I will publish it immediately and send you the link. If I’ve just published a post before receiving your email, I wait a day or so so that both posts get a day in the spotlight to be read by my followers. If I publish two posts too close together, readership on one of them might suffer. Please just indicate in the email whether you’d like the post published on this site (WordPress) or my other site, saspotters.blogspot.com

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